Time Blocking

Time blocking is a time management method that divides a day into multiple time blocks. Each block is for a specific task, with the intention to stay focused on that task exclusively. To use this well, create your task list in advance - ideally at the start of the day.

Types of Time Blocking

Task Batching

Group similar tasks so that it can be done together. Eg. all calls in the same batch. Think of this as contexts in GTD.

Day Themes

Each day of the week has a different theme so that you can focus on different types of tasks every day. Eg. content writing on Monday, social media on Tuesday, etc.

Time Boxing

Create a time frame by which you'll complete a task. End the task at the end of the time frame even if its not fully done. Pomodoro technique is an example of this with a predefined time frame.


  • List high priority tasks.
  • Block time for...
    • Deep work(no distraction work)
    • Shallow work(Easy work - check emails, social media, etc)
    • Breaks. Do not skip this.
  • Block larger time frame that you think the task will require. You'll often overshoot the time block.
  • Leave a couple of blocks free for unforeseen work or work that overshot their time.
  • Put up all the selected tasks with the time when you are doing it. A good option for this part is to use Google Calendar. You can put all these tasks in a separate calendar - and change the colour when its done.