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Argument Dilution Effect

Arguments don't add up - they average out.

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Published on Jul 10, 2024

Binary Framing

People rethink less when an issue is presented as black and white. But many activism movements tend to employ a binary framing. You are either an environmentalist or your a climate change denier. You are woke or you are a racist. Picking a side is an emotional task - not a good way to change your mind.

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Published on Sep 13, 2021

Confidence to Convince Others

People think that you need absolute certainty when communicating your opinions to others for others to accept them. This is what I call evangelical mode. Julia Galef argues that it needn't be the case. There are two types of confidences...

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Published on May 07, 2021

6 Principles of Persuasion

This model comes from the book "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert Cialdini.

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Published on Dec 07, 2020