How to learn anything faster

  1. Sharpen the Ax: Do some study on what is the best way to learn that specific skill - rather than just starting to learn it.
  2. Use hacks to optimize focus: Things like Pomodoro or 2 Minute rule.
  3. Find opportunities for immersion: Work in contexts that requires you to use the skill.
  4. Find the weak links: Understand the specific areas you are weak at - and find a way to drill them in.
  5. Test yourself/Active Recall: We don't learn by putting knowledge into our mind - we learn when we try to take out knowledge from our mind.
  6. Get feedback: But find what type of feedback you need at what point - positive feedback will be better in the beginning. But once you get decent, find tight feedback loops - get feedback often.
  7. Over-learning: Learn it in more depth than necessary. Understand the why.
  8. Spaced Repetition: Test yourself on the forgetting curve.
  9. Teach what your trying to learn: Document your process of learning and teach it to others. This will solidify your learning.

There are other Process to Learn a new skill as well.