How to change a habit

Process to change an existing habit. We are using the example of "You drink a can of coke every day"


1. Identify the behavior

Behavior is the action you take. In our example, its getting up, going to a shop, buying and drinking coke.

2. Understand the reward you are looking for

What is causing us to do it. It could be that we want the sugar high. It might be because we are thirsty, or that we are bored and need a break.

You can find the right reward by experimenting with a few different rewards. On one day, drink water when you get the craving. If the craving is done, the reward was to quench your thirst. Next day, take a break and walk around - if that worked the reward was to the break.

3. Identify the trigger

What starts the behavior. This can be...

  1. Location
  2. Time
  3. Emotional State
  4. Other people
  5. Preceding action

4. Make a plan

To do something else that gives that reward when triggered. Or to remove the trigger altogether.