Behaviour Change - Make the craving attractive

Law 2 of Behavior Change in Atomic Habits.

Habits are a dopamine based feedback loop. When dopamine levels rise our motivation to act also rises. We act because of the anticipation of the reward.

Use this to make your habit as attractive as possible.

We can use this to do "Temptation Bundling" - pair something that must be done with something we like to do.

You can add a social aspect to it too - if a behavior gets us validation from others, we will find it attractive.

Social System

Our culture decides which behavior is good. We adopt habits of...

  • People close to us(We do what our friends do)
  • People in the majority(We do things that our community does)
  • People who are powerful(We do what celebrities, leaders do)

If we surround yourself with people who has the same habits as the one you want to build, it will be easier for you to adopt that habit.