Behaviour Change - Make the Action Easy

Law 3 of Behavior Change in Atomic Habits.

The number of time you do the behavior you want to build is MORE important than the total time you spent doing that for habit building. Focus on the starting point of the behavior.

Make sure its as easy as possible...

  • When starting a new habit it should not take more than 2 mins to do.
  • Minimize friction(steps to do before the habit) as much as possible.
  • Set your environment to make future actions easier.
  • Standardize the habit before you optimize it.
  • Use a "Commitment Device" - something in the present that locks in future behavior. Eg. Getting a pre-paid gym membership.
  • Use one time choices to improve future. Eg. Enrolling in a savings plan.
  • Use tech to automate your habits. Eg. Calendar reminders.