Zettelkasten Learning Method


  • Huge web of knowledge
  • Retrieve right memory when needed
  • Find meaningful connections among topics
  • Develop ideas and arguments


  1. Take notes when reading/viewing/etc.
  2. Take reference notes - when you got the info from
  3. Make permanent notes - when going thru the reference notes, think how they link to your research, your interest, thinking etc.
    1. Goal is not to make a lot of notes
    2. But to add value to your existing, ideas arguments or discussions.
    3. Find connection between what you just learned - and what you already know.
      1. More info = more hooks to connect new information to
      2. More connected info = more cues we can use to trigger the right memory

Finding Meaningful connections

Ask yourself...

  1. How does this idea fit into what I already know
  2. Can this be explained by something else
  3. What does this idea mean for another idea I already have
  4. Can I use this idea to explain another idea

Add Keywords/tags to your notes

Think which circumstances do I want to stumble on this note?

Fleeting notes

Write down ideas when you get them. Review them within a few days and convert them into permanent notes.

Long Term

Review and repeat this for a while. After you have a web of knowledge, see what's missing, compare connections etc.