The science of understanding the mind and behaviors. This tries to understand why you do what you do.

Psychodynamic School

This school believes that what we do depends on the events of our childhood. Behaviors are driven by unconscious mind and childhood experiences. Freud, Carl Jung belonged to this school

Behavioral School

We are controlled by our environment. We are the result of what we have learned from our environment. Its concerned with how environmental factors(stimuli) affect observable behavior(response). Famous names - BF Skinner, Pavlov

Cognitive School

According to Cognitive School, our behavior comes from "mental" functions such as memory, perception, attention, etc. It views people as being similar to computers in the way we process information(e.g., input-process-output).

Other Schools

  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Biological Psychology(Neurology, Lymbic system, etc.)
  • Humanism/Positive Psychology/Holistic Psychology