Mindful Productivity

Mindful productivity: Being consciously present in what you’re doing, while you’re doing it. Be aware your mental and emotional states. Calmly acknowledge and accept your feelings and thoughts while engaged in the activity.

Mindful productivity principles...

  1. No past or future worries
  2. Observe your thoughts and feelings - but don't judge. Do this every time your mind wanders.
  3. Reach Flow State
  4. Do NOT Multitask
  5. Analyze Procrastination - understand the emotion behind it.
  6. Be Curious
  7. Have a Growth Mindset
  8. Use Meta-cognition - analyze your thinking/learning/research methods
  9. Optimize your working environment - use Environmental Psychology
  10. Mindful Breaks - check your thoughts, feelings and environment(can be open windows, tabs as well).

Use this to create a Custom Productivity System