How to build Technology Strategy

How the role of CIO(Chief Information Officer) evolved over the years...

  • First Wave : Automation. Eg. Reduce human error.
  • Second Wave : Process Optimization Eg. Six Sigma
  • Third Wave : Strategic Role


Generally, IT Depts think they are building tools for another Dept - making the other dept the customer.

  • This puts the IT dept subservient to the customer dept.
  • You don't think what the end user wants - you only look at what the customer dept wants.

OGTM Model

This is a model used to create organizational strategy

  • Objectives: Company or Dept's long term objectives(3-5 years)
    • Define all Objectives
    • Prioritize
  • Goals: SMART Goals
  • Tactics: What you are doing to make sure the goals are met.
  • Measures: Metric to measure the success of your tactic(instead of the goal)

Stakeholder Analysis

  • List all stakeholders - at org level
  • Prioritize stakeholders
    • According to Org objectives/goals
    • According to pre-existing support
  • For top stakeholder, find...
    • What does the org want from the stakeholder
    • What the stakeholder wants from the org
    • What concerns are there
  • Build out a User Persona

SWOT Analysis

Next Steps

  • Figure out Common factors in Org and Dept goals.
  • Find the cost of ownership(more than just the development cost)
  • Identify the trends in technology.
  • Have a organizational Tech Prioritization Meeting