Gamification - Octalysis Framework

These are the different methods used to motivate people to play games. But it can be used in other fields too. These can be used to drive behaviour.

  • Epic Meaning
    • Ties in to your life's purpose.
  • Development and Accomplishment
    • Levelling up
  • Empowerment of creativity and immediate feedback
  • Ownership and procession
    • Ownership of outcome - you decide the outcome.
      • You can hack this by taking more responsibility.
    • of process
      • You can change the process to make it your own.
    • of belief
      • "I have to do this thing" vs "I get to do this thing"
  • Social influence and relatedness.
    • Do it with other people.
    • Do it as a group
  • Scarcity
    • You want things more if its difficult to get.
  • Unpredictability and Curiosity
    • You don't know what's going to happen next.
    • Used for slot machines.
  • Loss and Avoidance
    • "I'll login today to make sure I get the daily login points"