Conflict Resolution Diagram

This is a simple method to come to a shared goal when having a conflict. Process is...

  • Write the demand/proposal of both parties - which is in conflict(eg. One person wants to buy a car, The other don't want it)
  • Next step: Find the need behind the demand for both parties(eg. I want a car because it has utility value. The other don't want to spend a lot of money.)
  • Finally, write the shared goal that is behind the need. (Eg. Both want better long term value)
    • Both sides should acknowledge that both wants to achieve the same goal - but have different ways of doing it.

At this point, you can re-look at the problem an suggest some alternative solution that fulfills the need of both sides(eg. Buy a second hand car, Buy a bike, etc.)

Visual Representation of Conflict Resolution Diagram