Casual Communication Styles

Different communication styles people employ in casual settings...

Volunteering vs Invite Only

Volunteering people will talk about things without any prompts. They might find the invite only group guarded, boring or lacking vulnerability.

'Invite only' folks will only talk about something if someone asks about it. This group might find others as self centered, uncurious or attention seeking.

Asking vs Guessing

Askers are comfortable asking things and are ready for a no response. This group find the other as passive aggressive.

Guessers will only ask for things if they think the answer is an yes. They also think that if others asks them for things, the asker is expecting an yes answer making it more difficult for the guesser to reply with a no. They find the other group to be too forward/presumptive.

Builder vs Maintainer

Builders tend to add things of their own to the conversation. They might find the other group boring.

Maintainers asks questions and stay on the same original topic of conversation. They can also affirm what was said. This group might find builders to be self centered, and keep trying to make what 'we' are sharing about themselves.