Break Bad Habits

Behaviors have a surface level craving and a deeper motivation. Habits are current solutions to evolutionary problems.

You'll have to intentionally highlight negatives of a bad habit to overcome the short term advantage that you are unintentionally looking for.

The process of breaking bad habits is the inverse of Four Laws of Behavior Change...

1. Cue: Make it Invisible

  • Reduce exposure: Remove triggers from the environment.

2. Craving: Make it Unattractive

  • Reframe your mindset to highlight benefits of avoiding the bad habits.

3. Response: Make it Difficult

  • Increase friction: Increasing the number of steps.
  • Commitment device: Restrict your future choices to only those that benefit you

4. Reward: Make it Unsatisfying

  • Accountability partner: Ask someone to monitor your behavior
  • Habit Contract: Make the cost of bad habits public and painful.