AAARRR Pirate Funnel

AAARRR(or A3R3-funnel) is a framework to split a marketing plan to parts and understand where to focus.

  • Awareness: How many people do you reach?
  • Acquisition: How many people visit your website?
  • Activation: How many people take the first important step? (E.g. Sign-up, install an app or post their first comment)
  • Retention: How many people come back for a second/third/tenth time?
  • Revenue: How many people start paying? And how much do they pay?
  • Referral: How many people refer friends to your business?

Growth Hacking using AAARRR Funnel

  1. Define the Steps: Look at your business and write down the most important steps people take, like signing-up, add an item to the basket
  2. Fill in the AAARRR-steps: Find the numbers for each step
  3. Find your bottleneck: Look at the percentage that survives the gap to the next AAARRR step
  4. Find the cause: Send out a survey or get out of the building to talk to your customers and interview them how they are experiencing this part of the customer journey.
  5. Pick your focus and OMTM(One Metric that Matters)