The Second Brain - A Life-Changing Productivity System

Key Ideas...

  • Borrowed creativity - what we create is remixing things we learn
  • Capture habit - brain is for "having ideas" - not storing ideas.
  • Idea recycling - 12 favourite problems(?)
  • Project over Categories - Put ideas that you get into the 'Project' folder rather than the category the idea belongs to.
  • Slow Burn more important than Heavy Lift - Work on multiple projects - all on slow burner.
  • Start with Abundance - Don't start with a blank page. When starting a project, search for related information within your system
  • Intermediate Packets - Content blocks that you create for one article can be used in others.
  • You only know what you make - you make notes - that's all you know from what you consumed
  • Make it easier for your future self - notes should be self explanatory
  • Keep your ideas moving - don't focus on the details of the note taking implementation - write notes, connect notes