Ta Injunctions

In Transactional Analysis, Injunctions are negative restrictive messages given from child ego state of the parent and received by Child ego state of the child. This plays a role in creating the Life Script.

  • Don't belong : When you join a group you feel you are an outsider
  • Don't be a child : Can't relate to a child. Having fun can be seen as wrong.
  • Don't exist : If you have had suicidal thoughts, wanted to disappear, not exist.
  • Don't be you : Not fine with who you are - constantly compares yourself with others. Can happen if you were constantly compared
  • Don't succeed : Find success coming very rarely. Or find it as a strange concept.
  • Don't be important : Don't like to be in the spotlight. Won't speak up if it can be avoided.
  • Don't be close : Find difficulty in intimacy and making close relationship.
  • Don't be well : You will often fall sick. You got attention only when you are sick in childhood.
  • Don't think : frequent spells of confusion and cloud in mind.
  • Don't grow up : Will behave more child like than their age. You might look like a child a bit.
  • Don't feel : Will not feel the feelings that they are supposed to feel.
  • Don't : Stopping yourself from doing things. A hook to the game - an inauthentic invite