Storytelling 101

Parachute in, don't preamble: Cold start - start with the action. Don't go with weak openers like "I'm here to tell you a story about when I learned..."

Practice the start and the end: You can go a bit off script in the middle - but the beginning and the end has to be powerful - and well practiced to be delivered well.

Goldilocks theory of details: Too much details and the audience is bored. Too few and they are not invested/ don't have enough context. Test your story with friends to get the detail level correct.

Focus your deliver on specific persons: Don't let your eyes just wash over the audience. Lock eyes and concentrate on specific people for 3-4 seconds and then move to the next person. This will let you actually connect with the audience better.

Use poetry: Use fewer, but better words to carry more meaning. It will have more impact.

Use silence for impact and emphasis: Don't be afraid of silence.

Use the AIM framework: Who is your Audience, what is your Intent and what is the Message.