Stages of Awareness in Marketing

Your prospect/customer will be at 5 different stages with respect to their awareness about the problem, solution and products for your product area.

  1. Unaware - not aware they have a pain/problem. To market to this stage, add questions to get people to feel the problem.
  2. Problem Aware - They realize they have a problem, but not aware of any solutions yet. Copy needs to focus on the problem and build a desire for the solution - which is mentioned at the end.
  3. Solution Aware - They know that there are solutions to the issue and searching for a good product.
  4. Product Aware - Actively researching different products. Copy should have 'specificity'. Mention your features, price, benefits etc. You can include a competitor differentiation as well.
  5. Most Aware - Ready to buy, but needs a push. Copy should have a clear call to action.