Scout Mindset vs Soldier Mindset

Soldier mindset thinks of their ideas as the land to defend - and attacks other external ideas or evidence that threaten their idea.

Scout mindset is to go out, explore other ideas to get to the most accurate representation of reality as possible. There is just understanding - no attacking or defending. This can help you to recognize when you are wrong, to seek out your blind spots, to test your assumptions and change course. (Source)

This mindset will be...

  • Curious
  • Open
  • Grounded: Self worth is not tied to something they believe to be true.

Scout mindset encourages you to cover territory and update your maps.

Benefits of Soldier mindset...

  • Social
    • Belonging / Maintaining a community
  • Emotional
    • Comforting: Lets you ignore uncomfortable negative realities / being wrong.

You should see that being wrong is an important element in the journey to finding out the truth.