LEAP Ethical Selling Framework

Ethical selling framework for purpose driven entrepreneurs

Framework is based on...

  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Ethics

Listen > Explain > Ask = Profit

Solves these problems...

  • Not making enough money
  • Conversion rate is not good enough
  • I don't like selling


Have an explorer attitude. Try to understand what's going on.

This section has 3 parts...

  • Questions you ask
  • Answers you get
  • Meaning you assign to the answers.

Be careful of the meaning you assign. Confirmation Bias might be at work making you hear what you want to hear.

If done correctly, you'll get Permission to continue.


  • What the solution IS
  • What the solution IS NOT
  • What the solution IS FOR
  • What the solution IS NOT FOR

The NOT parts will build trust in you. Once you have Trust, you can continue to the ask


Have an attitude of being there to help someone make a decision - be it an yes or a no.

In this section you are trying to create a shared vision.

The goal is Enrollment - we want the buyer to enroll themselves.

You should make No an option to them. "Its ok if your answer is no".

If done correctly, this will Open the relation to move to the next stage.