Accelerated Expertise Training

Accelerated Expertise is 'taking the concept of skill development to the limit'.

  1. Identify the domain Experts
    • In-depth interviews
    • Professional certificates, licensing, etc
    • Performance at similar tasks
    • Ask a groups of practitioners who is a master at what.
  2. Extract expertise thru Cognitive Task Analysis
  3. Build case library of difficult cases - include the difficultly level in the cases.
  4. Make training simulations from the difficult cases
  5. 2 types of training programs
    1. Do Sense Making by themselves - introspect/reflect by themselves
    2. Get feedback from an expert
  6. Concepts/principles shown in the training should be emphasized thru the simulation
  7. Test - run the simulations with your learners
  8. Feedback system during simulations - let learners compare their answers to experts answers.

The theories used to create this process are...