The writing process

  • Planning: deciding what and how to write
  • Drafting: getting it on paper once
  • Revising: getting it on paper better
  • Editing: fixing spelling, grammar, typing
  • Formatting: choosing typefaces, layout, etc.


  • Why am I writing this?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What does the reader know/expect/want?
  • How can I organise it?
  • What are the format and style requirements?

If someone had needed to give you this information 6 months ago, how should they have done it?

Every section has its purpose and is broken down into smaller sections each of which has its purpose.

You can write down ideas in random order, then sort them.


Get the content into a system - it can be very rough. But get it out of your brain.

Concentrate on what you want to say and how you’re going to organise it. Don't worry about grammar or spelling.

Keep things clear and readable by stating the main point before you give the reasoning behind it. Put the main point of each paragraph in its first sentence.

Use the clearest, simplest language. NEVER try to sound formal or sophisticated.


The goal is to make your writing clearer and easier to read. This is done mainly by finding better ways to put ideas into words.

Is there anything that can be misunderstood? If so, change it so that it can’t be.

Whenever possible, shorten your sentences by removing needless words.


  • Grammar
  • Spellings


  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it standard
  • Avoid meaningless variation

Never draw the reader’s eye to anything that is not the main point.