The Ovarian Lottery

Ovarian lottery is a thought experiment created by Warren Buffet influenced by a book called "A theory of justice". The idea behind the experiment is that a truly just society can only be created if everyone agrees to it before knowing where they'll land in the society.


Imagine that a genie appears 24 hours before you were born. The genie lets you determine the economic and social system of the world. There is a catch though, as you do not have any control over where you would be born. If you play the lottery, you can be...

  • Born in India, Afghanistan, Somalia, UK, the USA or somewhere else.
  • Born male, female or others.
  • White, black, brown or any other ethnicity.
  • Tall, short, average or a dwarf
  • Intelligent, Average, or retarded
  • Born to rich, poor or middle-class parents
  • Aborted or die during the birth
  • In school or forced to work in a cobalt mine for the corporations
  • Etc.


  • What sort of economic and social systems would you create?
  • Would you even take the lottery?