Self-Determination Theory

The theory states that, besides our physical needs, evolution's also given us 3 main psychological needs.

  • Autonomy (or Authenticity): You choose your life, according to what you value, with fully informed consent. You're not forced by others, your inner demons, or bad habits. You know thyself.
  • Relatedness: You care about others, others care about you. Your social world is mostly just and fair. You contribute to the physical/psychological needs of people outside yourself. ("Relatedness" is similar to Belongingness & Self-Transcendence)
  • Competence (or Challenge): You push your capacities to the fullest, and grow them even further. You do good work, try new things, experience art, understand, learn, and play. ("Competence" is similar to Self-Actualization, Flow State, & Arete)