Deliberate Practice - Achieve Mastery in Anything

Deliberate practice is a method of learning by doing.

Define success and Drill

  • Define all aspects needed for success
  • Drill each aspect

Plan, Reflect and take notes

  • Plan the practice
  • After each session, reflect on what worked and what didn't
  • Take notes on it

Go slow

  • Be slow - but correct. If you go fast, you might make mistakes that might become muscle memory.
  • Start slow - and gradually increase the speed.

Limit sessions to how much you can focus

  • Training for a long time is useless if you can't focus on your training. Training session length should be as much as your attention span.

Maximize Practice Time

Have small scales - so that improvements are more visible

  • If you are trying measure how fast you are running, measure in milliseconds rather than in seconds.

Emulate practice of idols - not their performance

Repetition Makes Perfect

Get a coach