DAOStack is an Open Source stack to make it easier to create DAO organizations.


  • Infrastructure: Smart contracts on Ethereum
  • Arc: library of modules for building the back ends of DAO
  • ArcGraph: Caching layer that fetches, stores, and organizes information from the blockchain, enabling fast load times.
  • Application Layer
    1. DAO Interaction Apps(used participate in their organization’s governance)
    2. DAO Creation Apps(make it easy to deploy a customized DAO)


GEN is the cryptocurrency used in DAOStack. It can be used to vote for/against a proposal - this will influence if the proposal rises to the organizational collective. If the a proposal passes, the voters who voted for it will get more GEN - if not, they'll lose their GEN.

Holographic consensus

A smaller part of the whole (a small group of voters) can be made to effectively represent the whole (all the voters), allowing DAOs to make fast decisions while maintaining value-alignment.


A score assigned to each user that represents that user’s voter power. Each DAO has a ledger of Reputation scores - Reputation cannot be directly transferred from peer to peer. It is distributed through the passing of proposals inside the DAO.