Authentic Listening

Context : Abishek, July 28th. Transformational Leadership.

Rating my own listening: 8 / 10


Discovering for yourself -> That's when you can embody it.

Only when you discover something yourself, will you have proper understanding of it - until then its just a concept you know.

Levels of Listening

Spaces from where you can listen

  • L1: Downloading / Reconfirming / Pretending
    • You can avoid this by imagining that you don't have any per-knowledge you have about it.
  • L2: Listening for Facts / Detached Listening
    • Good for conflict situations.
  • L3: Empathetic Listening / Listening to the Emotion
  • L4: Contextual Listening / Listening to the context
    • Understanding why a person tells something - a bit of filling in the blanks.
  • L5: Generative Space
    • Reach a space which neither of you have been to.

If listening happens, the person who talk feel that other person "gets" him. There there an energetic release if that happens. Listen to someone as though its the only reality. You should be able to recreate that reality in your psyche.