Definition: A state or condition of being whole, complete, unbroken, unimpaired, sound, in perfect condition.

Integrity of your Word


  1. What you said you will do or not do and doing it on time.
  2. All expectations are a part of your word(expressed or un-expressed).
  3. Doing things the way they are meant to be done.
  4. What you say is so.
  5. What you stand for.
  6. Moral, Ethical and Legal Norms

Honoring your word

Keep your word OR

  1. Inform Everyone Concerned
  2. Clear up the mess
  3. Set up a future expectations.

Law of Integrity

  • As integrity decline, work ability decline.
  • As work ability decline, performance decline.

Break Down

If something goes wrong, you declare a breakdown. If there is a breakdown, you start the honoring process.

When you break integrity with yourself, your promise changes to a thought you had

Veils of Invisibility

  1. Thinking Integrity is a virtue
  2. Self delusion
  3. Belief that you have reached integrity
  4. Don't view integrity as a factor of production
  5. Not doing cost-benefit analysis before giving your word.
  6. Doing cost-benefit analysis after you gave your word
  7. Thinking Integrity = keeping your word
  8. Not having a place or Occasion for your word
  9. Thinking integrity is work #1 and #4

Integrity of a system

  • Integrity to the external world
  • Integrity of its members
  • Integrity between members.

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