Transformational Leadership

Context: Session by Abishek at LC 2020

  • Innate Growth impulse
  • Spaces for new possibilities
  • Hidden patters come to surface
  • Letting go of wrong beliefs
  • Space for knowing
  • Shift in perspective of our self and world
  • Expansive view
  • Awakening
  • Realisation of true nature
  • Shift in awareness

"Organisation don't change, people do."

VUCA : Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous



  • Unpredictable. You don't know the problem fully.
  • No clear answer, no right answer
  • No standard judge
  • No prior knowledge


  • You know the problem
  • you know the solution
  • variation is in the implementation of solution

Behaviour - comes from within - this drives the result

// Psychology + Philosophy + Spirituality + Management

Cause Connect

Why > How > What

Why brings out the leadership Clears the intent

Learning Zone

Comfort Zone | Learning Zone | Panic Zone

"Taking a balcony view" - zoomed out view.

p = P - i : performance = Potential - interference

Learning Systems

  1. Discussion Groups -> Collective Growth and Introspection
  2. Pre-reading/Activity -> Preparation material with key concepts to enable deep understanding
  3. Pre-session group discussion
  4. Session Call -> Expert guided Session
  5. Post Session group discussion -> Reflection space to continue development

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