Psychedelics Are Fueling a Mental Health Revolution


Mental health treatments has not changed in a long time - mostly involves...

  • Talk Therapy
  • SSRI Meditation(no new drug was come since creation of SSRI)

Psychedelics target the Serotonin 2A Receptor in the brain. Lots of positive effects are associated with the activation of that receptor. A more general idea is that areas of brain that don't usually talk to one another begin talking to one another with new connection and pathways when on Psychedelics.

Ideal Therapy Session According to Shlomi Raz(CEO of Eleusis)

  • You don't need a certified therapist in the room
  • You need an Attendant - someone with whom the subject has a good rapport(they feel safe with the attendant).
  • In such situations, the subject heals themselves