Notes from Session Actions against Anxiety

Context: Session by Abhishek Thakore as part of Transformation Leadership

Big Five Personality Test

  • Neuroticism - there might be a genetic/biological factor - they might be more predisposed to be anxious.

We live in a culture that promotes anxiety.

Parasitic Processing by John Vervaeke

Parasitic Processing by John Vervaeke

Stimulus -> Response

In the case of parasitic processing, the response will look for more Stimulus - creating a loop.

You can put a pause between the Stimulus and the response.

Response is generally...

  • Meaning Making
  • Future Planning
  • Ego response(self concern)

Pausing Mechanism

  • Stoicism
  • Practice : You have to do the pause method as a matter of practice. You will only do the method when you are anxious if you do it regularly.
  • Boundaries : You have to find the right distance from the cause - being too close will make you dysfunctional.
  • Faith
  • Self Love