How to think clearly

Shortcut Method: Try to explain the concept to a child(ELI5).

Its often difficult to understand why you want or like something. You need to clarify your thinking - which involved admitting your thoughts are unclear. This process is different because you have to examine your preconceptions, and many times, remove it. The prize for doing this is not being right - its being understood.

This process is iterative.

The first step is to pause and think. Self-reflect. Without this there is no second thoughts and no self-interrogations. Be neutral - observe your thoughts and feelings non-judgmentally.

Understand where you tend to over simplify - be wary of those. List the discomforting element, ambiguous elements.

List your assumptions.

Try to reconstruct your reasoning as a list. "I believe ... 1, 2, 3. Therefore ...". For every point, ask yourself, What are the reasons for a person to believe/not believe this?

Capture Understanding - Don't Quote