Friedrich Nietzsche - Become Superhuman

Friedrich Nietzsche - How To Become A Superhuman (Existentialism)


Ubermen have mastery over their emotions, take joy in simply existing - and create above all else. They have victory over the "dragon"(culture and value that comes from society). Uberman creates their own values.

People go thru 3 metamorphosis before they become uberman...


Strong spirit - takes on much load, goes on for long in lonely situations, survives a harsh life. Not many people can take this role - most prefer a easy life - follows the societal rules and moral codes - but they break it when convenient. Camel takes moral codes very seriously - they have integrity and honor. In Nietzsche's allegory these moral codes are seen as a dragon.

To understand your "dragon", make 2 lists

  • All things that you consider good and bad
  • List of all people that you admire Find the common ground between them.


Lion will be able to stand against the dragon. They take their own decisions - they make their own meaning independent of their environment. They are committed to their own freedom - committed to express their individuality at their fullest.

To make this transformation you need to have the courage to break the chains holding you...

  • Tradition
  • Religion
  • Society


After existing moral and values are destroyed, comes the creation of new values.

  • No resentments
  • Forgets the past to create a new present and bright future
  • Continuously creates new values and live by them
  • Don't try to impose their values on others.

To reach this state, you can't look for external approval - you have to find the joy within. Be confident, affirmative and creating - but in a permanent state of flux - ever changing and developing. Don't fixate on a specific identity.