Eudaimonia is not an emotion, it is more a constant state of being.

Root word is in greek - Eu(Well) and Daimon(Spirit)

Many greek philosophers claimed that Eudaimonia constitutes the goal of humanity.

Different Definitions

  • Stoics claimed that eudaimonia meant living in accordance with nature - rationally understanding our place in nature and living accordingly. See also, Tranquility
  • Epicureans defined eudaimonia in terms of pleasure - a calm absence of pain and the absence of mental concerns.
  • Cyrenaics claimed that physical hedonistic pleasure is the ultimate goal. Not Eudaimonia.

Eudaimonia in different greek philosophies

Empesised by Plato and Aristotle

Arete - Virtue or Excellence. Being your highest self.

Nichomachean Ethics Lecture 2: Eudaimonia

You do things for a purpose. There is a hierarchy of purpose. The ultimate purpose would be Eudaimonia

  • All things seek an end
  • Ends are organized hierarchically
  • Final end is Eudaimonia
    • Happiness
    • Self Realization or Fulfillment

Stoicism | What are Apatheia, Ataraxia & Eudaimonia?

Eudaimonia is living in accordance to nature. It has 2 components...


Freedom of passions. Not Apathy. Closer to Equinimity.

Stoicism had 4 passions...

  • Lupe : Sadness. Eg. You lost your job - and your thought about this and judging it as bad causes distress or Lupe.
  • Phobos: Fear. Of Getting something that you don't want or losing something that you want. Fear leads to avoidance.
  • Epithumia: Lust or craving.
  • Hedone: Delight.

Engaging with these passions are not in accordance to nature.


Tranquility or Equanimity. Freedom from worry and distress. In stoics, this is not a goal - but a bye product of living in accordance with nature. Epicureans have it as an end goal. You can transform bad passions into good passions. That will create Ataraxia.


Morally virtuous engagement with society and life in general in a way that benefits all.

Why ‘Happiness’ is a useless word – and an alternative

Fulfillment would be the closest English word of Eudaimonia

Other Philosophies

  • Nirvana
  • Tranquility
  • Equanimity
  • Zen