Equanimity Meditation: Last of the Brahmaviharas


Frame of mind where we are unaffected by the 'worldly winds' of change. That can be Gain and loss, pleasure and pain, etc.

Acc. to Buddha the proper way to develop our sense faculties is to see the pleasure in the pain and the pain in the pleasure.

Thanisarro Bikhu: "Mental Imperturbability". We won't be affected emotional by the worldly pleasures and pains.

  • Equanimity of the senses : Carnal/Body Equanimity
  • Spiritual Equanimity : Fourth "Jhana"(Deep meditative states) - Purifying the mind from being swayed by the factors of the world.
  • Equanimity of the awakened person

Practice of Equanimity

"Meditate spreading a heart full of equanimity to one direction, and the second, and to the third, and to the fourth. In the same way above below, across, everywhere, all around, spread a heard full of equanimity to the whole world - abundant, expansive, limitless, free of enmity and ill will."

Its an attitude of patience. Acceptance of change.

Visuddhimagga Practice of Equanimity

  • Think of a neutral person - someone you know of but is not close to. Have a wish of equanimity towards them. Being ok with how they are.
  • Do the same for someone who has helped you.
  • Do the same for a close friend
  • Do the same for someone you do not like.
  • Do the same for yourself.

Not take things personally.

Note: Brahmaviharas = sublime attitudes, or immeasurable abodes